Qarnevale de gore

Hear ye! Step forward 'n pick ye number 'n I'll spin ye poor. Don't be shy now.

Look over here folks, sideshows! Knifethrowing romanians and swallowed fire, furry midgets and the 27:th of the Houdinis, and what's that...oh...oh my, it's our old raghag with her impressive pingpong trick.

Houdini, not Dick Cheney, will soon be burned alive at our daily cannibal pizza routine in booth nr 7. Don't ye miss it now, can ye imagine Houdini be crisp all over. Dick Cheney is on later this evening, blastin' us with his orphan canelloni show.

And now, if I may have a moment of silence, we've got the honour to introduce to ye.....Daniel of the needles, our worlds most tattooed infant. On his back ye can viddy his famous inside out, porky.

..oh my, was that a child? I thought it was a freakin' piece o' meat. Now, Gutler, fetch me fork 'n knife.